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Dahlia Care. Plant dahlia tubers outdoors in the early spring, after the last frost and once the soil has warmed. Depending on the variety, plant dahlia tubers 2 to 6 inches deep. Choose a planting location that receives full sunlight. Place smaller varieties at least 12 inches apart and larger varieties up to 3 feet apart to allow for air.

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How to Care for Dahlias. When your dahlia reaches approximately 12 inches tall or has three sets of leaves, Rowe recommends pinching off the center shoot to encourage side branching, which will create a stronger plant with more blooms. Speaking of dahlia blooms: It's important to cut and enjoy them.
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    Förkultivera dahlia – så här gör du. Först och främst vill jag tydliggöra att det inte är ett måste att förkultivera, det vill säga förodla dahlia. Man gör det för att förlänga blomningssäsongen. Men om man inte har ett behov av att försöka påverka längden av den så går det lika bra att vänta med att plantera ut dahlia.

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  • Dahlia is a genus of tuberous plants that are members of the Asteraceae family. The tubers are planted in the ground in late spring (around the month of May) and generally flower from July to the first autumn frosts. Dahlias are perfect for a border garden and make lovely cut flowers.
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    Dwarf varieties remain compact, growing to around 15 inches tall. Other varieties can reach an impressive 5 feet tall in the right conditions, producing flowers on incredibly long stems that require staking. The entire plant spreads around feet wide on average, depending on the variety.
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      Size: There are dwarf Dahlia varieties growing as low as 12 inches (30 cm): these are perfect for containers or the front of borders. Most Dahlias grow up to 4 feet ( cm), and some varieties can easily reach 6 feet in height ( cm).

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    Dahlias prefer rich and well-drained soil. Loose, nutrient-rich soil will feed tubers and encourage strong root growth. Soil must be well-draining, because Dahlias like plenty of water, but soggy soil will cause tubers to rot. Dahlias are great for sandy, loamy, or acidic soil.

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