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    talar du svenska in English - Swedish-English Dictionary | Glosbe English Translation of "talar du svenska" into English do you speak, do you speak something, do you speak English are the top translations of "talar du svenska" into English.

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    Talar du svenska? in English with contextual examples Results for talar du svenska? translation from Swedish to English API call Human contributions From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Add a translation Swedish English Info talar du svenska? do you speak swedish?.

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  • Swedish Survival Phrases Meeting and Greeting God morgon. Good morning. God dag. Good day. God middag. Good afternoon. God natt. Good night. Hejsan. Hello. Talar du engelska? Do you speak English? Var kan jag hitta någon som talar engelska? Where can I find someone who speaks English? Jag talar bara lite svenska. I only speak a little Swedish.

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    English translation of Talar du svenska - Translations, examples and discussions from LingQ.

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    Om du vill mata in ett tal som texttecken direkt, inleder du inmatningen med apostrof ('), som för årsangivelserna i kolumnöverskrifter ', ' och ' If you decide to enter a number directly as text, enter an apostrophe (') first, for example for years in column headings ' , ' and '

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    Do you speak (English/Swedish)?: talar du (engelska/svenska)? Does she speak Chinese?: talar hon kinesiska? A little bit: bara lite: How old are you?: hur gammal är du? I'm 33 years old: jag är trettiotre år: It was nice talking to you: det var trevligt att prata med dig!.

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    Translation of "do you speak English" into Swedish. talar du engelska?, pratar du engelska?, talar du engelska are the top translations of "do you speak English" into Swedish. Sample translated sentence: Pardon me, do you speak English? ↔ Ursäkta mig, talar du engelska?.